Award Pins for Employee Recognition

If you have your own company, then you would know how difficult it is to look for the right people for the jobs you have in your company. The kind of employees a company has determines whether the company will be successful in their specific industry or not. Some even go as far as to say that a company is only as good as the employees they hire. This is why employers really take the time and effort to look for the right people, and this is not easy.

It is because of this difficulty that some employers now put more effort into keeping their current employees and making sure that they are happy. Not only does this cut the costs of having to hire a new employee, but it also takes less effort for the company’s HR personnel to hire and train new employees. As it turns out, a company just needs to have employee recognition programs to ensure that they have happy employees.

These employee recognition programs can be as simple as sending out email blasts to everyone in the company for every successful major task or an actual event where in employees are given award pins for their contribution to the success of the company. These events are usually presided over by the CEO or the President of the board, who will also be the one to pin these award pins to the deserving employees. In lieu of these award pins, certificates may also be distributed, but award pins seem more valuable, therefore more effective in addressing its purpose of making the employee feel that he or she is appreciated and is valuable to the company. Some companies even take it a step further and give out small gifts in cash on in kind, to the recipients.

Award PinsAward pins seem to be the best option to choose if you want to give out awards to your employees. First of all, these pins are highly customizable. You can provide whatever design you want to the manufacturers and you can expect the same design to be successfully transformed into a pin. There are usually no limitations in terms of color or design. You can put on an image, or even perhaps a phrase. Furthermore, you can choose what kind of finish you want your pin to have, may it be enamel or something else.

Secondly, giving out these pins will not cause a dent on your budget. Because these pins are usually sold in bulk, the cost is divided by how many pins you order. In fact, if you reach a certain number, each pin could cost less than a dollar. You can opt to order one batch for the whole year, and that would already save you money, time, and effort for the rest of the year.

Lastly, giving out pins would be better than just giving out certificates because these pins connote a sense of permanence. A certificate is just paper. It can only last for so long. Meanwhile, an award pin is usually made up of brass or a similar material, which can last for long periods of time and cannot be destroyed easily. Moreover, giving out pins allows the employee the opportunity to wear the pin whenever he or she would like. It is small enough not to be embarrassing to wear, but big enough to show what kind of award the recipient received. In fact, it is not uncommon to see service crew wearing pins identifying themselves as the “Employee of the Month,” or some other similar distinction.

Indeed, a company is only as good as the employees it hires. It only takes a small effort to give recognition to its employees, but the rewards are endless. A happy employee is one that will give 100% to his or her work, and is someone that will remain loyal to the company no matter what.

Baseball Trading Pins makes you belong

Camaraderie is a French word that means “a spirit of good friendship and loyalty among members of a group” and baseball trading pins seem to foster this spirit, especially when you reach out to others who are rooting for a different team. The act of giving them a token in exchange for what they have sends a message that in sports, competitions are supposed to be healthy.

All baseball trading pins you accumulated through the years are faithful reminders of created or reinforced friendships in the name of sports. The myriad of designs and different colors do not fail to put a happy smile on your face every time you see them, reminding you of special people you met or encountered through the game. In other words, being a part of this tradition gives you a sense of belongingness.

Baseball trading pins have many purposes aside from the ornamental sort since some pins are designed for function. Some are made to have blinkers, sliders, spinners or danglers, depending on the user’s preference. They can be used as markers for your favorite cap or bag, especially for young players. One can easily project that in the coming years, more improvised pins will come out on the market and baseball enthusiasts all over the world are bound to patronize the quality that manufactures will offer.

Baseball trading pinsMajor baseball league seasons are big events in the world of sports, participated by famous stars from different teams. All-star baseball trading pins come with colorful and sporty designs to easily fit the taste of the young and old players or patrons. The good thing about baseball is that it is a family sport and oftentimes, watching an actual game makes first-timers long for something to commemorate the new experience. Memorabilia like the pin are created and provided on the venue for this purpose.

Is there a possibility that trading of baseball pins will become a thing of the past? How long will people go out of their way and look for stores that create the best pin ever? Thus, there can be a fierce competition in the market among the best producers of the famous pin. Will there be an end to this old tradition? Is this just a fad which is here today but gone tomorrow? To answer these questions, one can go back to the development of baseball to become one of the favorite national sports in many countries such as the US.

As long as baseball remains one of America’s national sports it is safe to assume that the demand for baseball trading pins will continue and rise. Every event would be incomplete without this interesting and friendly tradition of exchanging memorabilia. It is like a birthday without a cake or a cake without an icing. Trading pins with fellow baseball enthusiast is a hobby that makes every season worth waiting for.

There is a growing market for baseball pins that is why the challenge for manufacturers is to create materials that will outshine the mass produced products from China which are quite lower in price. However, the beauty of customized baseball pins is that they are uniquely designed for the client. You can find many samples of different pin ideas on the net nowadays.

One factor you need to consider in ordering the pin or commissioning someone to create it is who benefits from this? An existing healthy competition among local pin makers is a good sign that people are earning from making something which promotes the local tradition. By patronizing your local entrepreneurs, you are helping the country’s economy and that’s reason enough to be critical about choosing your pin providers.

How Digital Signages Educate Customers

Creating a smart customer is making them feel good about themselves and eventually feel good about the purchases they make. Most likely, they would return frequently to buy something else in the store. Making them smart is done by helping them make informed buying decisions. On the other hand, no retailer would want to have bewildered customers who leave the establishment with a negative perception, feeling ignorant or misinformed. This kind of situation creates disassociation of the customer from the store.

And so, it is the retailer’s role to create an opportunity to inform customers on the product features and benefits. Nowadays, the complexity of products and services provides a wide variety of choices. Information becomes most valued by customers to be able to make smart buying decisions.

Information can be best transmitted by utilizing the technology of digital signage. In this manner, customers have the opportunity to be informed and educated. Using appropriate screens at strategic locations throughout the store is as important as the content itself. Each on-screen content must be logically tied up with all the messages conveyed, not only in-store but elsewhere. Remember, customers are looking for connections with every message they receive. They want to be assured that the brands they buy are worthy of their trust, time, and money. The execution of information with visual and emotional sense allows customers to connect relevant messages.

digital signageDigital messages are effective in generating sales like in a bookstore. It is a store that is often perceived as a confounding and intimidating place, having thousands of titles, with some being quite expensive. This could be addressed by placing educational and branding information on a digital screen in the store. Book buyers have an instant display of book availability and offers. Digital content such as price comparison information and special promotions are appreciated by customers. For example, screen displays near duty-free shops would encourage travellers to visit the store even though they are very eager to reach their home or hotel upon arrival.

Normally, a product is not able to sell itself without making use of other marketing materials, because not all customers have the patience to run through all the choices on shelves. A support of digital signage could speed up the product branding and produce sales. Keep in mind though that educating customers digitally may be negatively affecting them if there is too much stimulation. It causes the customer to shut down and unknowingly not see any of the displays. It becomes clutter to them and might send them away instead of getting their attention.

Ideally, screens are a better way of getting messages across. It is through digital signage that a retailer can have the ability to deliver his message effectively. Even having a hybrid type of content can be impressive. It compares to putting up equal parts of product information and lifestyle branding without making the customer feel that it is a commercial. It is perceived as a source of entertainment, making shoppers prefer to stay longer.

Educating customers digitally is having the right message, the right person, the right place, and the right time. Retailers must have the means to divert sales. Advertising other products through digital signage may outperform non-advertised products during the promotional period.

Brand building and maintenance is essential for businesses. A business atmosphere through screen displays would create an image where work is taken seriously and customers are valued. Any innovative strategy must be taken with full advantage to get great impact, especially in educating customers. The easiest way to educate customers is to target a specific market. A well-thought-out content on screens would penetrate the customer’s mind the way retailers would want to educate them.

Five Swag-boosting Tips for Unique Custom Lanyards

One of the good things about custom lanyards is clients can order them according to their company’s branding and other preferences. Nevertheless, employees can also accessorize their lanyards as long as their companies don’t have strict rules about their uniforms. Common practices done by these experimenting employees include the following:

Use Badge Holders with Unique Colors

Badge holders are special plastic frames designed to hold badges and ID cards together. This keeps both identification cards from excessively annoying movements while walking. Furthermore, it also helps users to avoid losing both magnetic badges and ID cards if they come as separate items from the company. To add swag, users can place badge holders with different colors to their custom lanyards as accents. Some people may prefer other badge holder colors while others may use similar shades as the lanyard’s color to complement each other.

Take Advantage of Studs

Studding different items like accessories is a common practice among art and fashion enthusiasts. Despite their bold appeal, custom lanyards can also be studded to bring unique swag that makes them extra noticeable. Nowadays, studding tools are available in handicraft stores that come in packages or sets. Although this makes consumers spend money, studding tools come complete with studs and other essentials, which give way to good savings. Furthermore, these tools can be used in the future for other studding or designing needs. Place the studs on strategic locations that don’t cover the company’s name for easier identification or knowing that the individual is an employee.

Use Different Badge Reels

Custom lanyardsMany lanyards today come with badge reels because they are convenient to use in showing IDs or flashing security badges on detectors. However, these badge reels can be interchanged as long as replacement reels are available. Several ID holders sold in regular bookstores come in numerous color choices. Buyers can obtain these add-ons and replace the reels that come originally with their lanyards. Choose a different color to make sure the attachment will stand out.

Aside from varying colors, choosing different badge case materials can also make lanyards stand out. Select from metallic and plastic cases for variety.

Go for Badge Chains

Badge chains will certainly add a unique appeal to custom lanyards. Chains can be used in two ways. First is by making it a main lanyard or using it together with the company-provided ID lace. This is in cases if chains are long enough like those included with dog tags. In fact, this will change the lanyard's appeal because they are guaranteed to last longer.

The second is the famous way of using badge chains-as additional attachments on IDs. They are placed with badge clips and add length to the lanyard.

Apart from styling, badge chains also serve as a breakaway option that allows users to detach the ID easily from the lanyard whenever necessary. Chains are sold in various colors that will boost uniqueness on lanyards.

Add a Bit of Personal Accessory

Designing lanyards should not be limited to using available attachments with the ID laces. Using personal accessories can also be included to personalize lanyards. Several women place small plushies for added design on lanyards. Customized pins are also among the widely used accessories on these ID holders. Personal accessories will depend on the user’s preference. Placing these personal accessories is also not a problem with their availability at home or at stores.

Custom lanyards can be further enhanced by considering these tips. This will make sure that the lanyard will look more unique and can be identified easily in case the ID was lost. Employees, however, must be mindful of company policy and take note of strict rules in terms of customizing lanyards and other ID add-ons.

Guiding Principles for Talent Management

One of the biggest and broadest management issues that multinational companies regularly face is building and sustaining a strong talent network. Not only do companies need to adjust their paradigm based on the shifting workforce preferences of this generation, but they also have to attract the most competitive workforce, train them, and reward them handsomely in order to maintain loyalty. They do these while adapting to new technologies available and competing with other global competitors in order to maintain their comparative advantage. So, what should multinational corporations do in order to acquire competitive and highly skilled employees that are just right for their needs? More importantly, how do these companies choose their employees (especially those who’ll be assigned to high-ranking positions)? What are the basic guiding principles that should be followed when developing talent management game plans and programs to reward and finance their talents?

Talent ManagementA research paper written by the MIT Sloan School of Management (with the cooperation and assistance of INSEAD Business School, Cornell University, Cambridge University and Tilburg University) created some sort of guiding principles when developing and reviewing the talent management strategies for a company.

First, there should be no dichotomy between talent management and corporate strategy. Talent management should be aligned with concrete and productive business strategy. The question that should be asked first by the researcher is this: “What kind of talent does the company need based on its profile?” The people assigned in recruiting new talents should thoroughly interview applicants and grade them according to the following factors: services acceleration, customer service experiences, technological leadership, resource allocation, and globalization. According to Jeffrey Immelt, in order to successfully achieve the company’s goals, the right person should be placed in the right position. For example, by thorough examination and reexamination of the organizational structure and dynamics of the human capital of an airline company, new ingenious ways of eliminating red tape could be developed.

Second, there should be an inherent consistency in terms of planning. For example, even if one invests so much in attracting competent employees, there is no point if the development and training package is weak. These practices must complement each other in order to fully get the needed results.

Thirdly, there should also be an inherent upright culture within the company itself. The core values, business principles, and ethics should be inculcated in management processes like hiring, training, performance evaluation, and compensation. There should be no favoritism in the workplace. All (who is competitive and hardworking enough to pass the screening test) should be given equal chances and opportunities to do their best for the company. Furthermore, the skills, personalities, and values of the employees hired should also match the work environment. For example, if your company needs people who can work under intense pressure, then you should select people with previous work experiences dealing with pressure.

Fourth, the management should be involved in every step of the way, particularly in planning recruitment, development, training, and rewards. The term “management” covers not only the personnel or the head of the Human Resources department, but every high ranking official including the CEO. Although, this is primarily the responsibility of the line manager, everyone should take a part in this endeavor.

Fifth, there should be a balance between meeting global and local opportunities and needs. Companies must have a consistent response to both local and global demands. For example, if your company produces canned goods, you should not only be concerned in putting your product in the competitive world stage, but you should also build a stable domain of clients in your own locality. Your system of recruiting talents should be based on this principle.

Factors To Consider When Going With Cheap VPS

VPS is short for Virtual Private Server. Similar to direct hosting through a dedicated server, you would not have to share RAM or disk space with other users—you are given a separate portion from the server at the outset. However, a virtual private server works by simultaneously hosting different websites in just one server, similar to how shared servers operate. The main difference, however, is you don’t have to share resources like RAM and disk space with anyone. Consequently, hosting via VPS is cheaper than going with a dedicated server. Before, the only alternative is to host via shared servers, which is why only large companies managed to operate using dedicated servers. With a VPS, you now have an alternative that is more affordable than a dedicated server but without the pitfalls of a shared server.

While choosing which server type to use could be relatively easy—the primary consideration being how big your budget is—choosing a specific hosting-via-server provider could be more difficult. For starters, there simply are too many of them. No need to worry—here are some factors to look into when choosing servers to help you pick the cheap VPS  service that is best for you.

Cheap VPS One of the first factors to consider when choosing cheap VPS is the bandwidth it can give you. How much bandwidth is allocated generally would be dependent on the specific VPS service that you go with. The upside to using VPS in terms of bandwidth is that when you are on a separate virtual server, you have a clear-cut view of how much your bandwidth quota is. Troubleshooting bandwidth-related problems will be consequently easier. Obviously, you should try to get as much bandwidth as you can, while of course still keeping in mind your budget concerns if there are any.

It is important to look into how much RAM the VPS can give you, both in terms of the guaranteed maximum and the burstable type. The cheap VPS comes with a preset maximum level of RAM that you can use. However, you are also given a burstable RAM. This is a safety net of sorts; the burstable RAM is how much extra memory you would be given once you exceed the original set level. This is because site traffic could be variable. The burstable RAM level would ensure your server will not crash or slow down when unexpected heavy traffic comes.

Next, it is also important to look into how much disk space the cheap VPS gives you. Naturally, the bigger the data storage capacity is, the better. This is essential in the same way RAM is essential in ensuring you can deal with the site’s traffic. Aside from giving you some elbow room in terms of handling site traffic, the extra disk space also gives you more space to add data on the site itself. Bigger disk space will also allow you to install more complex databases and programs for the site, giving it a techy, professional, and innovative vibe.

After having made your choice of cheap VPS, one of the most important things to would have to consider is the domain name. The domain name would say it all—it would have to be catchy and fresh, but it has to capture the essence of your site. Remember that sudden changes in domain name can lead to problems with search engines—your site might not be displayed on results page if your address is abruptly changed. Note, however, that you have the option for either a managed or unmanaged system depending on your skill and expertise as server manager.

5 Ways To Acquire Military Coins

A military coin is a small coin or medallion that bears the military unit’s emblem. It has also been used as an integral element of identity of the soldiers during the war. The military coins bear the symbols, motto, and other special marks of the unit usually designed by the head of the battalion.

Back then the soldiers were required to have the coins on their person at all times. These coins could be carried in pockets or used as pendants. They were symbols, not only of identity but also of integrity, loyalty and service to the country, and allegiance to a specific unit.

If you are interested to own one of these military coins, for whatever personal reasons you have, there are actually five ways you can acquire them. Here they are:

1.Join the force. Originally, a wealthy officer ordered and distributed the bronze military coins to the members of his flying squadron unit before they went to war. It was told that a soldier’s life was spared when his identity was confirmed because of the coin. From then on, other commanding officers of other military units started to design and gave military coins to their members, too. One can have different coins as he or she transfers from one unit to another. Some have started collecting these coins as memento of their membership to other units. Today, these coins are being presented to military personnel to signify allegiance to the unit in the military where they belong. Plus, these coins have become symbols of camaraderie and brotherhood among the members of the unit.

2.Render exemplary service or outstanding performance during your time in the military. Military coins were also previously used to recognize the exemplary service or outstanding performance of a soldier in the battlefield.Back then, many mercenaries were hired and as such, they were not in the position to be awarded for their performance. The non-commissioned officers would shake their hands and give them special minted coins as a way of expressing their appreciation to these men. That was referred to as the secret handshake. After several years, these special coins were used to publicly appreciate soldiers for their significant contributions to the success of the battle. Today, military coins are still being used as tokens of honor for the soldiers who are excelling in their fields.

What if you cannot join the service? Would you still be able to acquire the coins? Yes, you can. Here’s how:

coins3.Receive it as an inheritance. Some families of the military personnel consider the coins as family heirlooms. They pass these coins from generation to generation. Special coins are those, which have been given by high-ranking officers, the President, or the Secretary of Defense. Some of these coins cost so much. Others keep them because of their sentimental values. The coins and the stories that go with them are usually shared during family reunions and special holidays.

4.Receive it as a gift. Many people are now availing of military coins and are giving them as gifts, usually to the veterans. There is no law prohibiting a civilian from giving and receiving a military coin. This practice of presenting these special coins is gaining popularity as they make great collectible items for display.

5.Buy them. These coins can now be bought almost everywhere. You can search for them online and you would find many companies making and selling them. Collectible military coins are being auctioned. Depending on the rarity, condition, quality and make of the coin, these coins can cost as high as tens of thousands of dollars.

Golf Equipment for Ladies: Some Things the Lady Golfer Needs to Know

Because golf started out as a sport of men, golf equipment was for many years designed to fit only the needs of men. With the release of the first golf shoe designs for ladies in the 1940s, the ladies began receiving the attention due to them when it comes to golf. The sales tagline on the first ladies shoes golf said, “Everything mannish except the sizes!” Back then, the shoes of lady golfers were merely smaller than those of their male counterparts.

But golf equipment manufacturers started to recognize the ladies as a market and started making clubs, bags shoes, and apparel suited to lady golfers. So the ladies began to have more choices when it comes to the equipment they are using in the golf course, and proved that they too can match their male counterparts in both ability and style.

The main differences between golf clubs for men and ladies are the length of the shaft, the weight of the club head and the grip size.Ladies’ Golf clubs also have more flexible shafts, which give extra power, and loft faces with more angles to make the balls travel higher. Shaft types are also often made of graphite instead of steel.

golf equipmentWhen shopping for golf clubs, it should be noted that the clubs working best for ladies are those lie absolutely flat on the ground while addressing the ball. Having a professional assess your physical make-up, swings, measures and distances can help in selecting and shopping for the correct golf club.

For those who buy golf equipment, the club shaft’s “flex” is the design element most often discussed to suit one’s needs. A flex mismatched to a swing will result in shots going off-target. The flexibility of shafts is classified as: extra stiff, stiff, regular, senior and ladies.

These differences in golf equipment for men and women are based on the assumptions that most women are smaller, have shorter arms and smaller hands and play more modestly. Hence, narrow grips are also designed to fit the ladies’ smaller hands.

Lady golfers are advised to at least have the following in their bags: a pair of woods (or one wood and one driver), a 7 iron, a pitching wedge, a putter and a hybrid as a possible addition.

When it comes to golf balls, ladies’ golf balls are known for having softer rubber cores.

In other golf equipment, there are not so much differences between the men and the ladies. Such is the case with shoes which must be lightweight and have good cushioning for both men and women despite the size difference. It is important for both male and female golfers to have sturdy, flexible plastic-cleat designed shoes to keep the feet dry from grass dew, rain or from foot perspiration. Having comfortable shoes can ease a golfer’s four-hour walk covering approximately four miles in one game. Lady golfers, however, are advised not to bring golf shoes in car trunks during summers because excessive heat can destroy them.

Both men and lady golfer share considerations when it comes to apparel. These considerations consist of breath ability, stretch, the capacity to stand several types of weather, and ease in making full body motion.

The most basic tip concerning all these equipment is that they should be used with ease and comfort. Both male and lady golfer do not want a golf club that makes a lousy shot, or a ball that makes poor spins, or shoes that absorb moisture, or even a golf bag that is fashionable but not functional. One can be stylish in his equipment without sacrificing efficiency.

Pros and Cons of Misters

There are several advantages for using a mister that cannot be obtained when using air-conditioning units. These advantages include:

Low electrical consumption. This means that the misting fan does not take up a huge chunk of the electric bill, unlike air-conditioners that are often responsible for at least half of the total bill.

It is not only safe for use by humans; it is also much safer for the environment. This is made possible by the fact that the primary ingredient used in a misting fan’s cooling system is water. And as everyone knows, water is the planet’s primary source of life. This means that as the fans work to cool the human’s overheated bodies off, it also works indirectly as a sprinkler system that provides much-needed moisture for plants.

A mister is easier to maintain than an air-conditioner. When an air-conditioner needs to be cleaned, it usually requires a lot of taking things apart and re-installing and all that. Most of the time, repairs to air-conditioners have to be done by experienced mechanics, which means that home owners would have to shell out some emergency funds to pay for the repair. On the contrary, a misting fan can be cleaned by simply disassembling the two main parts: the mister and the fan. Home owners can do the repairs by themselves and any part that needs to be replaced can be done without having to pay hundreds of dollars for the replacement parts.

Misting fans also act as effective insect repellants. This is especially true of flying insects whose wings could get wet from the mist of the fan. This is a huge contrast to the way that mosquitoes can still fly around to their heart’s content inside an air-conditioned room.

Because of all these advantages, and because misting fans are generally cheaper than air-conditioning units, many homeowners have shifted to misters in recent years. Misting fans are more reliable during the hottest days of the summer season when the cooling effect of an air-conditioner is insufficient due to the intense heat.

However, just like any other piece of technology, misting fans also have a few disadvantages. This includes:

The mist blown out by the fan could cause corrosion in pieces of furniture and home decors that are made of metal. Even the metal parts inside the fan itself could corrode over a period of time. This is one of the reasons why regular maintenance of the fan is necessary so that homeowners can avoid any unwanted incidents due to corroded or damaged parts.

Another reason why the fan has to be checked regularly is to avoid water stagnation. If water clogs up on any part of the fan, this can become the breeding ground for harmful mosquitoes and other water-borne bacteria.

However, despite the fact that the mist could corrode metal, homeowners do not have to worry too much about it since it would take a really long time for the water to seep in and cause any real damage. The belief that misting fans could cause short circuits in electrical sockets and other electronic materials is untrue. The reason why each fan comes with a specific nozzle is because manufacturers have already foreseen the possible collision of water and electricity. The tiny nozzles on the fans effectively ensure that the water being blown out is too small to cause any damage to property.

When using a misting fan, home owners also have to make sure that they connect the hose to a source that contains one hundred percent clean flowing water. Otherwise, waterborne bacteria could be blown out into the home through the mist and cause health problems for the family.

Milo, Auramist’s 18″ mister, is the latest addition to our collection of innovative cooling solutions.

What is Live Chat and How it can help you?

Before discussing into details the complexity of live chat, it is important to define “chatting” and how people communicate through the internet. Basically, chatting is just two or more people talking to each other through the use of gadgets such as phones, tablets and computers. A person would just type in words on a keyboard and they get sent automatically through the network when they press “send” or “enter”. Of course, this would be different from real communication between people because emotions could be hidden by simple words. To decrease the possibility of misunderstanding, some chat applications have “emoticons” to show what the sender is feeling. For example, “I am sad.” may be different to “I am sad. :( Showing emoticons may change the intensity of the feelings of the sender.

Now, when it comes to live chatting, it’s the same as the informal chats people do over the internet. The live chat widget is placed on a conspicuous area in the website wherein the employees could talk to the clients in real-time. There are other names which refer to the same application such as support chat, integrated chat or simply click-to-chat. The names do not matter much because they all provide the same function.

live chatHow can someone get this kind of thing to put on his website? In the present time, there are multiple companies which cater to providing customers this widget on their websites. Once a customer has contacted the company, he can get a plan from them and the website developer would just post the JavaScript or CSS code on his website. This is all very easy to do and it doesn’t need any logic from the part of the website developer. The only thing he needs to concentrate on is how he will pay the employees that take care of the live chat.

Using the chat feature can be very helpful to website developers and website owners because this provides additional communication to prospective clients. It’s very easy to use and also reliable, as long as both sides have working internet connections. As an example, a customer went to a website which sells perfumes. If he wants to give a certain perfume to his girlfriend but he’s not sure if that perfume is made for women, he could easily go to the support chat to ask an employee for an advice. It is just that easy to use the application and it would be no hassle for both customers and sellers.

Although, like every kind of communication assisted by a machine, there are limitations when using the live chat system. For example, an engineer wanted to ask a metal-selling company about the specifications of the product they’re selling. It would be difficult to type in accurately all the answers to his question because it would take up a lot of time. At this time, it is important to note that almost all live chats have maximum capacity of characters; that is the number of words that are allowed to be typed in. When this kind of problem arises, it would be better to call an employee of the company rather than using their live chat feature.

Despite the probability of miscommunication when using the chat feature, it is still advised to put this on the products’ website. The support chat will not be a way to cut costs from the companies nor to remove the customer support hotline. This is just a way to provide an additional customer feedback in an easier way. This is made for those customers who are lazy to pick up their phones and call you themselves.

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